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Go International gains custodianship of the Routes into Languages brand and resources


UK higher education is committed to increasing the proportion of UK students with international experience.This website aims to support UK HE by providing the latest policy, research, statistics, case studies and opportunities for study and work abroad. It also contains information on the benefits of international experience, as well as guidance on sources of funding.

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08 May

This report has been produced jointly by the Council of Deans of Health and the Go International programme at Universities UK International to analyse outward mobility for nurse, midwife and AHP students, promote the value of mobility for these students and explore the barriers.

25 Apr

Launched at the Go International conference 2017 the UK Strategy for Outward Mobility 2017 - 2020


Protecting physical and mental health on mobility
A resource on current practice in health and safety protocols, as well as a round-up of digital resources on health and wellbeing.