Assessing the impact of short-term mobility

05 May 2017


Since the launch of #DMUglobal in September 2013, one of the defining features of the programme has been embracing all types of mobility with a particular focus on short-term overseas opportunities. Inspired by the International Unit and British Council report (September 2015) Student perspectives on going international’ claims that:

“Short-term overseas study ‘as valuable’ as year abroad. Survey finds that students perceive similar benefits to overseas experience, regardless of duration”

This session took an in-depth look at how to diversify and assess the impact of shorter term mobility experiences and discussed the benefits and challenges of this institutional approach to mobility, with a focus on key areas such as:​

• Impact on academic attainment, employability and soft-skill development

• Impact on student experience and recruitment​


Leo Smith, #DMUglobal Manager, De Montfort University (DMU)

Owen Sheridan, #DMUglobal Officer, De Montfort University (DMU)​


For slides from this session click here.