How the UK compares in Erasmus


Participation in Erasmus

The UK's performance in Erasmus is going from strength to strength. Figures from the UK National Agency for Erasmus+ indicate that the UK sent students on 15,566 work or study placements in 2013/14, the highest number since the programme was launched in 1987 and a 6.8% increase from 2012/13. Graphs and tables below show this in more detail. 

UK participation compared with other countries

Most popular destinations for Erasmus

The most popular destinations for Erasmus students from the UK are France, Spain and Germany followed by Italy, the Netherlands and Austria. The number of work placement and study mobilities to these countries by year is shown below.

Participation in Erasmus by Gender

In the UK, more women tend to take part in Erasmus than men. This is shown below.

For more statistics on Erasmus, you can visit the UK National Agency for Erasmus+ projects webpage.


Photo Credit: CCO Public Domain Pixabay