The Programme


Studying, working or volunteering abroad for even a short period as part of their university experience enables students to develop many skills sought after by employers. An increasing number of UK students are gaining international experience during their higher education but it remains a relatively small percentage of the overall student population.

The UK Higher Education International Unit's Go International programme works with higher education institutions, government and sector organisations to help address the current barriers to UK student mobility and facilitate a further increase in the proportion of UK students with some international experience.

The programme aims to provide a collective voice for the higher education sector on outward student mobility policy. It works to promote outward student mobility, raise awareness of the benefits and the opportunities and identify new opportunities for the sector. It offers a range of capacity building services, including data analysis and reporting, professional development events as well as research providing quantitative and qualitative evidence of the benefits of mobility to UK higher education students.

The programme is supported financially by HEFCE and BIS, and politically by the devolved UK governments.

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