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As a member of ISEP (the International Student Exchange Programme), the University of Chester offers students the opportunity to undertake a study abroad placement.

Studying abroad is a great way to broaden your horizons. University of Chester students study all of Year 2/Level 5 overseas. Incoming international students have the option of studying at Chester for a single semester - both September and January intakes - or for a full-year.

We are a member of the International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP). ISEP is a worldwide network for international education consisting of 245 member institutions in the United States and 35 other countries. Since 1979, ISEP has made it possible for more than 21,000 students to study in another country. Through ISEP, you have access to over 120 colleges and universities in the United States. You will also have access to more than 50 universities in Asia, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

ISEP offers a diverse range of sites and programmes that combine opportunities for intellectual and personal growth with immersion in another culture. Through reciprocal exchange and other innovative and cost-effective approaches, students have access to affordable, high quality study abroad programmes as an integral part of their education.

The programme is designed so that Chester students who exchange throughout the ISEP network pay all of their fees, including room and board, to their home institution and take up a place at a host institution, with no money changing hands.

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