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If you are currently studying at Essex or are considering a course with us, then we offer opportunities for you to spend a term or a full year studying in another country on most courses/ Some courses have a compulsory period of study abroad.

Study abroad is extremely worthwhile and enjoyable both socially and educationally. You do not have to speak a foreign language and a year or term studying abroad offers you a host of benefits. You gain:

  • an excellent opportunity for personal development, becoming more independent and confident as a result of study abroad;
  • the chance to become immersed in another culture over a sustained period, coming to know a country and its people in a way that you could not as a tourist;
  • a different perspective on the world and your academic discipline in particular; and
  • an opportunity to experience an alternative educational system which develops different skills from those that feature most prominently in the UK system.

Study abroad enhances your employability. A period of study abroad on your CV helps you stand out from other candidates and signals to an employer than you have maturity, adaptability and an ability to fend for yourself, plus strong organisational skills. As business becomes increasingly international, the experience of living abroad becomes more attractive to employers.

Depending upon your study abroad destination, you may gain fluency in a second language, which is also helpful in the employment market.

In addition, you have an invaluable chance to meet people from different countries and form friendships. Years after your study abroad, you can still have close friends in other countries to visit.

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