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Ask anyone who has taken a study/work abroad programme will tell you that it was one of the best experiences of their university life.  Imagine walking to University along the banks of the River Seine or doing your weekly shop in an Italian street market.  One of the biggest regrets of people in their late twenties and thirties is that they didn't go travelling when they were younger. Leaving it until you have a full time job and a mortgage makes things difficult - why not take the opportunity while you're a student?

One of the greatest things you will gain from living and studying abroad is confidence.  You will have to find your way around, attend your classes, introduce yourself to new people and learn how to operate in a new country.  After a couple of weeks you'll be amazed at how well you have coped and how confident you feel. Living independently in another country gives you the self motivation to deal with any situation and will benefit you throughout your life.

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