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Study Abroad is an exchange programme between the University of Sheffield and our partner universities

Study Abroad gives you the chance to study for a full year, at a university in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore or the USA as part of your undergraduate degree studies

You will also receive full academic recognition for the time you spend studying abroad.

In addition you won´t be asked to pay any tuition fees to your host institution - you will simply pay applicable reduced tuition fees to Sheffield

Erasmus+ is a European Commission programme that allows you to study, work or teach in another European country as part of your degree.

Erasmus+ is a great opportunity to spend between 2 and 12 months in another European country, and have it count towards your degree. You get to experience another culture and a new way of looking at your subject. You can make new friends and grow as a person

If you're a student from a European country outside of the UK, you may also be able to spend part of your degree at the University of Sheffield.

For more information regarding The University of Sheffield and Study Abroad or Erasmus+ opportunities click here

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