University of the West of Scotland

University of the West of Scotland


UWS aims to give a global outlook to your studies, preparing you to work in an international context at home or overseas, after graduation. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in study options and extra-curricular activities explicitly designed to help you develop as a global citizen; and get the chance to take advantage of outward mobility or learning overseas.

UWS is an active partner in the EU funded Erasmus+ which gives you the chance to spend time with one of our European partner universities, where you can follow modules related to your UWS course. There are opportunities to study in the language of our partner universities although many also deliver a number of programmes in English, so you don’t need to be fluent in a foreign language to participate. We do however offer language modules from introductory to advanced levels, if you’d like to add language skills to your CV beforehand. 

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