Going Global with Heriot-Watt

07 Apr 2016

Heriot-Watt officially launched its Go Global campaign, promoting Inter-Campus Transfers alongside other opportunities to study abroad, in November 2015.  The initiative provides students the unique opportunity to transfer between its campuses in the UK, Dubai and Malaysia.  Until then it operated on a basis similar to other universities, providing international study opportunities through Erasmus+ and Exchange programmes, offering students the chance to study in Europe, or further afield as part of their degree programme. 

Inter-Campus Transfers allow students to study the same degree programme in a different country - whether that’s Dubai, Malaysia or the UK, they will have the same learning outcomes, teaching methods and assessments, and ultimately graduate with the same degree. 

Go Global encourages students to experience an international dimension to their studies and enhance their global mobility through Inter-Campus Transfers, Erasmus+, Exchange, or a shorter overseas experience.

We have developed a new brand, website, marketing materials and social media content which together makes it easier for students to access information and understand the opportunities available.  These marketing materials also help colleagues across all campuses to support the Go Global programme and promote its benefits to students.

In the current 2015/16 academic year, over 30 students from our Edinburgh Campus embraced “going global”.  Two of the group took the opportunity to spend a semester on the Dubai Campus before travelling to Malaysia for semester two.  Applications have just closed for the 2016/17 academic year and over 60 students have applied to transfer to Dubai or Malaysia.

At a recent Open Day, research found that some prospective students were completely unaware of Heriot-Watt’s international campuses, never mind that you could transfer to one.  Since then Go Global opportunities have been promoted through our prospectuses and a member of the Go Global team has spoken at Applicant Visit Days to tell prospective students about the exciting opportunities on offer.

The best people to promote Go Global are the students themselves - those who have already taken the leap to become an international student.  We have been building relationships with students currently in Malaysia, Dubai and the UK on Inter-Campus Transfers and they are very keen to get involved in Go Global activities and share the fantastic experiences they have had as ambassadors.

As well as joining us on Go Global stalls, our ambassadors have presented to prospective students and given testimonials for web and print materials.  Two groups of students are blogging about their Inter-Campus Transfers and their posts give fantastic real-life accounts of their time at another campus, while experiencing another country and culture.  We also have a Facebook group which we have encouraged students currently on an Inter-Campus Transfer and those thinking of applying for a transfer to join, in the hope that they will ask questions and share information.

Going forward, a Go Global video is being produced using footage captured by students and we are also working on consolidating services and updating processes.  Based on applications received, the number of students going to our Dubai and Malaysia Campuses in the next academic year could be double, which is a very exciting start to the campaign.

By Carole Arbuckle, Marketing Officer, Heriot-Watt University


Photo credit: Heriot-Watt University