Increasing LGBT and disabled student participation in mobility

In December 2015, the Go International Programme conducted a workshop titled 'Increasing Participation of LGBT, disabled and other underrepresented groups in outward mobility programmes' at the UUK Conference on Equality and Diversity in Higher Education. The presentation from this workshop is available here

Two underrepresented groups we looked at in this workshop were students with disabilities and LGBT students. While HESA does collect data on participation by LGBT and disabled students, the data is partial, and the data that exists cannot be made public. Because students self report as being LGBT, the data collected on this field is not complete, and only around half of institutions provide HESA with data on LGBT students in mobility. LIkewise, because of data protection issues, data on disabled students in mobility is not available. 

However, institutions are aware of the underepresentation of these groups in their mobility activites, and provide a wide range of support and advice for disabled and LGBT students and staff. Some of these support channels are listed in the 'institutional practice' section below. Institutions also signpost students to information on LGBT and disability issues, laws and cultures worldwide in their pre-departure briefings, or in their pre-departure risk assessments. Some online information sources on LGBT and disability issues globally are listed in the sections below.