Mobility scheme

Mobility scheme

27 Apr 2016

46% of all mobilities in 2014/15 were facilitated through the Erasmus+ programme and 42% were facilitated through university links (referred to as 'provider' below). While most of the opportunities facilitated by Erasmus+ took place in Europe, the vast majority of those organised through institutional links took place further afield. The highest proportion of mobilities took place to English speaking countries. The most popular destinations for UK domiciled students who went abroad through institutional links were USA, Australia, Canada, China, Spain, Japan, France, Malaysia, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, and New Zealand. 

Distribution of mobilities in 2014/15 by type of provider (includes mobility length of 1 week)

Below is a chart that shows the top countries mobile students went to, who had been abroad through a ‘provider’.

(includes mobility length of 1 week)

Photo Credit: CCO Public Domain Pixabay