Post Study: Teach in China!

Post Study: Teach in China!

10 May 2016

Outward Mobility Conference

It was exciting to participate in the Outward Mobility conference organised by the UK HE International Unit and learn more about international mobility in the UK. As mobility opportunities have become ever more flexible for students, the UK government and universities continue with the hard work of promoting greater mobility. During the day discussions around challenges in practice and policy improvement also brought up the issue of Sino-UK bilateral exchange. Distinguished guest Rt Hon. Lord David Willetts emphasised the importance of ‘soft power’ and spoke about the internship exchange program provided by Huawei Technology in China. 

Post Study Teach In China Scheme - COST/VISA/SUPPORT

Post Study - one of the sponsors of the Outward Mobility conference - provides a platform for Sino-UK bilateral exchange. The Post Study Teach in China internship scheme joined hands with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) to facilitate British students’ access to paid teaching internship opportunities in Chinese public-funded schools and universities, for up to 12 months. 

As SAFEA’s official representative in the UK, Post Study, unlike any other provider, is in the unique position of being able to arrange visa and work permits for participants before they leave the UK, at no additional charge. While in China, programme coordinators from SAFEA and local schools provide a full range of support to participants. This includes airport pickup, induction training and programme support, organised by Post Study, and a mentor teacher and ongoing training throughout the placement, organised by the school or college.

The cost to the participants in the programme will be limited to the official visa application fee, the return ticket to China, a pre-departure medical check from a medical provider in the applicant’s home country, travel insurance, and living costs of between £100-£200 a month. Accommodation is provided free of charge, and students who complete a 12 month contract are also eligible for an airfare bonus to help offset the cost of a return airfare, subject to agreement with the host school. While in China, participants may earn between £600-£800 per month.

Unlike many providers who work in China, Teach in China works with public-funded schools, connecting teachers with the students who need them the most. The experience can be varied, with participants being placed in different 1st or 2nd tier cities, and, depending on experience, teaching at the equivalent of primary, secondary or even university level, with class sizes ranging from 30-60.

The scheme welcomes all students and graduates, who are either native English speakers or who have received a degree from a university course conducted in English, from any degree background with a valid teaching qualification (TEFL, TESOL or CELTA). Students with an educational degree background will be exempt from the teaching certificate requirement.

Placements begin on September 1st, or March 1st, and interested applicants are encouraged to apply at least 8 weeks in advance of the start of their placement. Applications are currently being accepted.

Breaking down barriers

The Teach in China scheme aims to break down the barriers of UK-Sino mobility for UK universities, as a government supported scheme, which provides a challenging, and rewarding teaching experience for UK students and graduates without hidden fees or costs, bolstering resumes, improving foreign language teaching in schools, and promoting UK-Sino understanding.

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By Shasha Li, Business Development Executive, PostStudy Ltd

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