Risk assessing outward mobility

In December 2015, the Go International Programme hosted a workshop on Risk Assessment of outward mobility programmes at the BUTEX Winter Workshop. Clive Souter from the University of Leeds, and Helen Johnson, from the University of Warwick, kicked off discussions, with presentations on their institutional approaches to risk assessing outward mobility:

  • The University of Leed's Health and Safety study abroad protocols are available at this page on their website, which also links to their relevant forms and documentation, including their Study Abroad Risk Awareness Form. Their Health and Safety work placement protocols are set out on this page, including links to their 'Tripartite Agreement' form, which sets out the roles and responsibilities of all three parties involved in the placement - the student, the placement provider and the home university.
  • Helen Johnson's presentation is available here, and includes an overview of the University of Warwick's risk assessment protocols as well as their emergency response procedures. 

Following the presentations, discussions revolved around resources to leverage both within and outside of institutions when assessing risk, as well as what good practice in risk assessing mobility means when working across teams, with partners and employers, in pre-departure support and risk assessments. To view notes from the workshop please click here


During the discussions, delegates mentioned certain websites with general, and country-specific, advice on travel, money, laws and culture that they found useful in their risk assessments, and in signposting to students. The sections below contain links to these websites, as well as others researched by the Go International programme.


The discussions also touched on issues around physical and mental health, as well as the particular challenges facing LGBT students, or disabled students abroad. For more information please our separate resources on 'protecting physical and mental health abroad' and 'increasing LGBT and disabled student participation in mobility'


Following this workshop we have also been given permission from BUTEX to share some of their resources from previous work undertaken in this area. Please see below links to notes and advice from discussions on Due Diligence (of new partners); Risk assessment/risk profiling (labs/countries/regions/specific activities); Partnership maintenance; Emergency Response; Advice and preparation for students.


Photo Credit: CC0 Public Domain Pixabay