Student finance for mobility periods

Student finance for mobility periods

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An overview for student mobility advisers


The Go International Team at Universities UK International has worked with the four UK student finance loan providers to develop an overview of the core funding available to students undertaking mobility periods. The information relates solely to the loans and grants available from (listed alphabetically by nation) Student Finance England, Student Finance Northern Ireland, Student Awards Agency Scotland and Student Finance Wales; it does not relate to grants associated with Erasmus+ awards, British Council Language Assistant, or other mobility schemes that may attract external sources of funding.

The guidance takes into account the principles employed by each of the providers in determining loan and grant entitlements from the Student Loans Company (SLC). It uses the principles and money thresholds for the 15/16 academic year. The principles of funding tend to be reasonably consistent between years - but they have been known to change. If you are referring to this guidance after 15/16, you may wish to also check it against the SLC practitioners’ website.

Generally, information presented in this guidance relates to students who started in 2012 or later. Funding allowances for students who entered the student finance system prior to 2012 will be calculated according to earlier funding principles. Queries relating to their entitlement should be addressed to the relevant loan provider.

No student is the same, and no mobility period is the same. Funding available to students varies depending on their circumstances, and the mobility period. The landscape is complicated: do not guess at the entitlement students will receive! The information provided here is an introduction to the loans and grants available: students and advisors should not use this to guess at the amount of funding a student might access during a mobility period. Always liaise with the university’s student finance office, who can consult with the relevant loan provider if there are queries.