Student Perspectives on Going International

Student Perspectives on Going International

04 Sep 2015

In September 2015, Universities UK International (formerly known as the UK Higher Education International Unit) and the British Council commissioned a report into student perspectives of the benefits of and barriers to having an international experience as part of a higher education degree.

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Key findings include:

  • The majority of students surveyed perceived a relationship between spending time abroad during their studies and their employability, academic success and personal development
  • ​Students perceive very short mobility periods to result in similar impacts to longer periods of mobility of one semester or a full year
  • The principal motivations to go abroad, whether studying, working or volunteering, were a desire for an enjoyable experience and to enhance employability and career prospects.
  • Key factors in the decision to go abroad were the availability of funding, personal safety and security and perceived quality of host and location
  • Services and information offered by institutions such as help completing an application were considered the most valuable in decision making, especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • While students are motivated by the experiences and opinions of other students when making a decision, the encouragement of academic tutors was a significant factor

View the Storify on the digital launch of our report below: