Student profiles and identities

Student profiles and identities

27 Apr 2016


A majority of all mobile students are female - 59% compared to 41% male students. However, 57.9% mobile students not studying languages were female. This closely resembles the UK student population in 2015/16 57.3% of all UK domiciled students were female.


Various studies have shown that BME students and students from more disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds are less likely to go abroad than their peers.

81.5% of all mobile students in 2015/16 identified as white, compared to 78.6% of the total student population in that year. Black students were underrepresented in outward mobility. 4.3% of mobile students were black, compared to 5.9% of the student population.

Mobile students by ethnicity

Socio-economic background

In 2015/16 just over a quarter of mobile students came from the highest SEC background.

Mobile students by socio-economic classification

Photo Credit: CCO Public Domain Pixabay