Student profiles and identities

Student profiles and identities

27 Apr 2016

HESA provides data on mobile students' socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds as well as gender. 

In terms of ethnicity, the majority of UK domiciled students who went abroad in 2013/14 identified as White (82%) and 17% were defined as coming from Black, Minority and Ethnic backgrounds. 

Distribution of mobilities in 2014/15 by ethnic background

Students' socioeconomic background, defined by characteristics of parental employment (as defined by HESA), show that over 65% of mobile students in 2013/14 came from relatively advantaged backgrounds.

Distribution of mobile students in 2014/15 by Socioeconomic Classification (NS-SEC)

Mobile students as a proportion of students from different socioeconomic backgrounds

Gender breakdown for students studying or working abroad in 2013/14 was 60.2% female and 39.8% male. 


Photo Credit: CCO Public Domain Pixabay