Widening participation in UK Outward Student Mobility

Widening participation in UK Outward Student Mobility

03 Aug 2017

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This report by Universities UK International looks at extent to which disadvantaged students spend time abroad as part of their undergraduate degree. It was created as part of the Widening Participation in UK Outward Student Mobility project, delivered by UUKi and supported by the UK National Agency for Erasmus+ and the Department for Education (DfE).

Widening participation in UK outward student mobility highlights five groups that are underrepresented in mobility: students from low socio-economic backgrounds, students from low participation neighbourhoods, black and minority ethnic students, students with a disability and students who are care leavers.

Key findings:

  • The number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds participating in outward student mobility has increased, however these groups are still underrepresented compared to the whole student body
  • Short-term mobility opportunities (between one and four weeks) proved to be very popular across all five groups
  • The growth in work abroad opportunities was strongest among the disadvantaged groups in the report
  • Increases in university-led mobility has been a key contributor to growth across the sector and was particularly popular among the groups featured in this report
  • Erasmus+ provides valuable support to students in the UK who may be unable to spend time overseas without the scheme 
  • There are varying levels of participation in mobility within the five groups we looked at. Some groups, such as care-leavers or students who identify as having two or more disabilities are particularly underrepresented
  • Students who fall into more than one of the groups we looked at (overlapping identities) are more likely to encounter additional barriers to spending time abroad than their peers

 Read the full report here.